Let us help you express yourself through ink and enhance your natural beauty with our medical spa services.


Ink & Steel is your premier destination for transformative medical aesthetics, where cutting-edge technology meets personalized care. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and boosting confidence through various innovative treatments. Step into a realm of rejuvenation with our signature microneedling facial, a revolutionary procedure that stimulates collagen production and promotes skin renewal. We also pay attention to the natural shape of your brows, lips, or eyes when doing line fillers to ensure we achieve a more natural look. At Ink & Steel, we understand that every individual is a canvas, and our commitment is to craft a masterpiece that reflects your inner radiance. Our state-of-the-art facilities prioritize safety and efficacy, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care in medical aesthetics. Trust us to blend artistry with medical expertise, providing a holistic experience that transcends traditional beauty standards. Discover a new era of confidence and self-expression at our tattoo shop, where the fusion of science and aesthetics transforms your journey to timeless allure.


At our tattoo shop, we specialize in permanent makeup, offering a range of services to enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled team is highly trained in the latest techniques and uses only the best quality pigments and tools to achieve natural-looking results. Our services include expertly crafted micropigmentation, lip liner, lip color, eyeliner, ombre bows, microbladed brows, and more. Micropigmentation is beneficial for those who want to add subtle definition to their features, while lip liner and color are ideal for those who want fuller, more defined lips without the need for daily touch-ups. Eyeliner can enhance the shape and color of the eyes, giving the illusion of thicker lashes. Ombre brows or microblading can help you achieve the perfect brow shape and color that lasts for years. Our professional and personalized approach guarantees that each client receives a customized experience tailored to their unique style and needs.


Ink & Steel is your premier destination for exceptional custom tattoos that transcend the ordinary. As a dedicated tattoo shop, we pride ourselves on being purveyors of unparalleled body art experiences where your unique vision comes to life on the canvas of your skin. At Ink & Steel, our team of skilled artists transforms your ideas into awe-inspiring masterpieces, blending creativity and technical expertise to deliver tattoos that tell your story. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression as our talented tattooists collaborate with you to craft a design that resonates with your individuality. Whether you seek intricate detailing, vibrant colors, or a minimalist aesthetic, Ink & Steel is committed to bringing your ideas to fruition with precision and passion. Our studio is a haven for those who appreciate the artistry of body modification, where each session is an opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of self-expression. Step into Ink & Steel, where body art becomes a transformative journey, and let us etch your narrative onto the canvas of your skin with expertise and finesse.